Department of Applied Biology


The University started as a University College affiliated to Enugu State University (ESUT). As such the programme seeking accreditation has its root in the B.Sc. Applied Biology Department of ESUT.
However with the attainment of a full University status in 1999, the curriculum of the programme was expanded and fine-tuned. This was done in line with the National Policy on Education and National Universities Commission minimum academic standards.


Organisational Structure:


The main objective of the programme is to:

a. Train students that can think critically and can apply fundamental biological principles to solve problems in different fields such as Environmental Science,
Conservation and Natural Resource Management, Public Health and Sanitation, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Food supply, Climate Change, Water supply and Town Planning.
b. Prepare students for postgraduate training in Molecular Biology, Genetics, Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiology, Ecology, Aquaculture and Toxicology.

Admission Requirements

a. UME/PRE-Science Requirements: O-Level credits in Biology or Agricultural Science, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English Language. b. Direct Entry Requirements: A-Level passes in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics.


The world is challenged with several environmental, social and health problems such as climate change and attendant ecosystems and biodiversity loss, emerging diseases and pervasive poverty.
The fundamental philosophy of the Applied Biology programme is to train students that are capable of proffering solutions to these belligerent and nagging societal problems.

Job opportunities

There is a wide range of interest areas in Applied Biology, which enables people with different backgrounds, aptitudes and temperaments, to select satisfactory Biological Science based careers eg,
genetics and biophysics for the mathematically inclined, taxonomy and ecology for those with a flair for outdoor activities, morphology, anatomy and cytology for those interested in crop and animal production.