Department of Computer Science


Ebonyi State University (EBSU) is an off shoot of Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT). Following the creation of Ebonyi state and the establishment of this university, there was this strong desire by the state to have a viral computer science department to serve the interest
of the state and train manpower in that line. So interested people like the former DVC, Prof. Celina Oko and other lecturers rallied together to developed the curriculum which was approved and used to start off the B.Sc Computer Science Programme for EBSU.
The department took off in 1998/1999 academic session with eight (8) students and staff strength of twelve, six academics and six non academics.


Organisational Structure:


The major objective here may be summarized as follows:

a. To develop competent people who will take part in the continuing development of the computer technology.
b. To contribute in meeting the increasing demands for acquisition of Information and Computer Technology (ICT) know how.
c. To train people who can readily be self-employed as well be employers of labour.
d. To produce responsible graduates who satisfies both the NUC requirements and the society expectations of a computer professional.

Admission Requirements

The student who applied to read computer science is expected to sit for the following subjects in the University Matriculation Examination and must have credit passes in the under listed Departmental
required subjects in SSCE or NECO.
(1) JME SUBJECTS a. English b. Mathematics c. Physics d. Any of Chemistry or Biology (2) Departmental requirements: Credit Pass in a. English b. Mathematics c. Physics d. Any two of the following science subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Agriculture, Geography, Health Sc, Computer Studies, ICT (or their equivalence).


Computer Science Department desires to train mission-oriented computer science experts who will upon graduation, become competent professionals able to relate their studies to practical real-life situations.
This has to be so since the computer has become a potent force in our society and therefore requires responsible people with clear understanding of what constitute correct and gainful computer applications.

Job opportunities

Graduates of this Department are marketable. They can be employed in industries, Banks, Government ministries and parastatals, Educational institutions and private' companies. They can be self-employed by setting up their own computer outfits.
In fact, they can be employed wherever computers are in use.