Faculty of Biological Sciences

Faculty of Biological Sciences

Faculty Profile

The Faculty of Biological Sciences (FBS) is one of the ten Academic Faculties in Ebonyi State University. It is located within the Presco Campus of the Ebonyi State University, along Abakaliki-Enugu Express Road, a distance of about one kilometer from the city centre of Abakaliki town. The Faculty of Biological Sciences (FBS) was carved out of the defunct Faculty of Applied and Natural Sciences (FANS) in June 2008, when FANS was split into two: Faculty of Biological Sciences (FBS) and Faculty of Physical Sciences (FPS). This Faculty Handbook is a compendium of information about the Faculty and the different degree programmes offered by the various departments in the Faculty. The information will be quite useful to our prospective and current students, the entire university staff and our esteemed visitors. It is important to state that the information contained in this Handbook is subject to change, however, such changes, where it occurs, will be reflected in our future edition.→

Vision & Mission

Philosophy & Objectives

Man’s curiosity about our mother nature is the fundamental motivation for scientific exploration. The programmes in the Faculty of Biological Sciences are designed to train students to interrogate and understand the hidden secretes of nature and to control and utilize its abundant natural resources for man’s welfare. The Faculty is pivotal in Ebonyi State University as it provides high quality education, not only for her students, but also services courses to all the other Faculties in Ebonyi State Unviversity (Arts, Agriculture and Resource Management, Basic Medical Science, Education, Health Science and Technology and Management Sciences). The members of staff are dedicated to excellence in research and education. High level of education is achieved by maintaining an atmosphere where students and members of staff can have extensive personal contacts through lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical classes, and academic advising. There is an inbuilt feedback mechanism whereby students are given the opportunity to evaluate and access lecturers at the end of each course. In the first and part of the second year, basic sciences are emphasized to equip the students with fundamental knowledge to cope with their major course of study. Thereafter, a practical and problem-solving approach is used to ensure that graduates acquire academic and technical expertise to deal effectively in a broad spectrum of specific field problems and issues that they will face during their professional carriers. We do provide opportunities for challenging and exciting education for the students.


Departments in Faculty of Biological Sciences

  1. Applied Biology
  2. Applied Microbiology
  3. Biochemistry
  4. Biotechnology